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"Dr. Val was one of the teachers at Gompers Junior High when I was the assistant principal. When it came to Valerie and the tasks she was assigned, I had "No Worries"! She was competent, her classes were "on point" and she was definitely on top of whatever situation that she was handling at the time." E. Martin

"I enjoyed working with Dr. Val very much at Gompers Junior High. She is a very resourceful, innovative, organized and solution-oriented person. She is a highly respected educator who has a proven track record as a team member and team leader. Many of her colleagues brought her techniques into their classrooms." E. Cowley, Teacher

“I like being in your class, because you don’t show favoritism like Ms J. down the hall.” Tyrone P.

“Thank you for all that you did. Now I understand some of your methods (classroom standards of orderliness and peacefulness) that you had us doing. At first I did not.” Venus.

“I will never forget you, love you like my mother. You are my second mother.” Paris

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Gateway To Success was founded by Valerie Partee, Ph.D. in 2001 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families and classrooms through counseling and training. The organization's goal is to foster positive interaction within the family unit by helping each member learn and leverage interpersonal skills and value concepts that improve communication, build trust and deepen relationships, as well as to empower teachers to create and sustain positive learning environments.

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dr_val-hs2Dr. Valerie Partee's career as an educator spans nearly 30 years. She has been a school administrator and a curriculum developer, as well as a high school and junior high teacher in inner city Chicago public and parochial schools. She holds a Ph.D. in family counseling, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and a second master’s degree in administration/supervision, all from DePaul University. Her undergraduate degree from Columbia College is in communications.

She began her private consulting practice in 2001. Capitalizing on her talent as a prolific storyteller, Dr. Val recently completed improvisation courses at Chicago's famed Second City. With this new set of skills, she has developed a unique approach for addressing issues such as crisis and anger management, bullying, teen dating and family dysfunction. She also counsels on basic life skills and self esteem. Clients have ranged in age from 5 to 75.

exec_badgeDr. Val has earned numerous awards, served on school boards, and has been an adjunct professor at two community colleges and a state university. She also served as the City Clerk of Olympia Fields, Illinois.

Dr. Val currently is writing her first book, “Parents Don’t Shrink Your Kids: They Won’t Win if You Give Up!”

Empowering homes, classrooms and workplaces

Consulting Services

Your Family's Partner

Our family counseling program provides information and professional guidance on anger resolution and mediation for the family and how to leverage simple etiquette to accomplish these goals. We help family members through issues ranging from ineffective problem solving, bullying, girls' puberty, LGBTQA issues and teen dating. We also have programs specifically designed to help boys.

Classroom Management

Building on her success as a classroom teacher, which garnered praise and accolades from peers and principals, Dr. Val has developed an Effective Classroom Management Skills program to share her techniques with experienced and first-year educators. Her proven methods will enable teachers to establish positive functioning classrooms from Day One and sustain that atmosphere throughout the year.

Customer Service Training

Our proprietary customer service training program applies principles taught by improvisation experts to leverage comedy to address your company's specific consumer or client engagement challenges. The objective of our training program is to inspire employees to efficiently fulfill customers' needs and quickly resolve any problems so that customers return—and recommend you without hesitation.

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This Academy is the choice for turning your life completely around, Life Skills Coach, Anger issues or Crisis management. 

Family Life issue, Couples lack there of, Work relations,  Realistic Educator's Classroom Management Skills. Life is truly what we make it. And its about Love.

How to LOVE through adversities. And yes it is that same old "L" word its the oldest yet truest and only word that makes life happen for us all!

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