Automatic Full Tuition Opportunities


This is a compilation of large scholarship awards that are automatically awarded. The awards included in this list meet the following criteria:

1. Awarded automatically based on GPA, SAT, ACT, and/or class rank
2. At least Full Tuition/Full Ride in magnitude (or equivalent)
3. Open to all US students, regardless of state residency, ethnicity, race, etc.
4. No need-based requirement or component
5. College must be accredited, public or non-profit private, 4-year degree-granting institution


Full Tuition: covers the cost of tuition for 4 years
Full Ride: covers Tuition, Room, and Board for 4 years (may include other benefits as well)
exp: stipend for experiential learning (internship, study abroad, etc., allowable uses vary by college)

Where published, the application deadline for receiving the scholarships is included. Some deadlines are “Priority” deadlines, so awards after the deadline may still be possible.

Some schools give awards on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available.

Please review the Automatic Full Tuition Website for further information:

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