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During her decades-long career as an educator in the challenging environment of inner city Chicago public and parochial schools, Dr. Val developed classroom management techniques that won raves from principals, colleagues and even students. She has been a school administrator and a curriculum developer, as well as a classroom instructor.

teacher-hs-studentsBuilding on her success as a classroom teacher, which garnered praise and accolades from peers and principals, Dr. Val has developed an Effective Classroom Management Skills Program to share her techniques with experienced and first-year educators. Her proven methods will enable teachers to establish positive functioning classrooms from Day One and sustain that atmosphere through the end of each school year.

Her Interpersonal Skills Program was designed to transform the educational experience and stimulate the development of a collaborative community of lifelong learners. The concept is supported by prior research revealing that children and adolescents perceive themselves through the eyes of others, which can impact the learning process. Identifying and addressing these perceptions can enhance the learning and teaching experience. Faculty involved with the program will develop multiple models of innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning interpersonal skills.

The Interpersonal Skills Program accomplishes two primary objectives: First, the creation of an academic milieu that empowers the professional growth of faculty, and secondly, the creation of an innovative and more effective approach to teaching interpersonal skills to young students.

While engaged in the program, schools should experience the following:

  • A collaborative community of highly motivated faculty interested in furthering their students’ education and personal growth;
  • An ad hoc committee that will regularly meet to discuss, among other things, how written student testimonies and Dr. Partee’s storytelling skills can be used in their teaching/learning process;
  • An ad hoc committee that will regularly meet to discuss how drama and storytelling can be implemented in the context of individual courses;
  • A working laboratory exploring how different approaches to teaching interpersonal skills impact various pedagogical styles (e.g., collaborative learning, lecture format, etc.);
  • Faculties working together to build national and international collaborative connections using online interactive technologies.

Dr. Val says…

“The number one problem is the lack of proper mentoring and role models. Youth are copying behavior that they see. As a community at large, we have lowered our bar on what is acceptable language, music, and behavior in general to be expressed in public. Youth are being programmed from an early age. Their brains are sponges and their character is soft clay. If they see adults being respectful, honest, fair, accountable, etc., they will copy us.”

Principals: Would your faculty benefit from an in-service on proven classroom management techniques? Education professors: Would your students be better prepared to hit the ground running if they had some tips from the trenches?

To email Dr. Val, click here. If you’d like Dr. Val to visit your school and give you a no-obligation assessment, simply schedule your appointment today.

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