For Families

Our family counseling program provides information and professional guidance on anger resolution and mediation for the family and how to leverage simple etiquette to accomplish these goals. We cover problem solving, girls’ puberty issues and teen dating.

thumbs-upWe also offer specialized programs:

  • Ten Things You Need to Teach Your Sons to Be Successful
  • Ten Keys to Character Building
  • Youth Mentoring

Our mentoring program employs an effective strategy that relies on good listening skills, assuring that the child knows he or she is being heard. We also help the child examine his or her decision-making habits, and through storytelling, we are able to guide the child through the process of making more constructive decisions.

bulliesWe’ve seen these techniques build children’s self esteem and they have been particularly transformative in cases of anger management and bullying. Most bullies—whether they are a child or a parent—lack constructive decision-making skills. Typically, they also are at risk academically. Our program attempts to remediate these problems by addressing the contributing factors.

Of particular interest to parents of children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or are LGBTQA, we work with these young people, who are often bullying targets, to help them address and even neutralize the effects of this intimidating and frightening behavior.

Need help addressing family concerns? Dr. Val would love to hear from you. Email her at: dr.val [at]

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This Academy is the choice for turning your life completely around, Life Skills Coach, Anger issues or Crisis management. 

Family Life issue, Couples lack there of, Work relations,  Realistic Educator's Classroom Management Skills. Life is truly what we make it. And its about Love.

How to LOVE through adversities. And yes it is that same old "L" word its the oldest yet truest and only word that makes life happen for us all!

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