Counseling clients and colleagues say:

“When Dr. Val is in charge, there are no worries! She is competent, her class is “on point” and she is definitely on top of the situation that she is handling at the time.” ~ E. Martin, assistant principal

“I enjoyed working with Dr. Val very much at Gompers Junior High. She is a very resourceful, innovative, organized and solution-oriented person. She is a highly respected educator who has a proved track record as a team member and team leader. Many patterned themselves after her program.” ~ E. Cowley, colleague

“Thank you. It was fun working with you on the play ‘Through It All.’ As a writer I learned plenty from you about production.” ~ Daniel, colleague

“Thank you for coming to talk to us. You really helped me and my daughter get through some hard times. She is doing a lot better…” ~ Mr. McKay, counseling client

“THANK YOU!  You really helped me in deciding to take ownership of self. Even though my family was not forthcoming, you’ve done a lot for me.” ~  Rebecca, counseling client

“I learned about manners on the computer and for cell phones. I liked how you interacted with the kids, too.” ~ Justine, counseling client

“I never knew that cell phones could be so annoying. The table manners are helpful to my family also.” ~ Virginia, counseling client


Students say:

You taught my friends and I about the Ten Steps to Good Character. Boy, that helped me in my classes, as well.” ~ Lisa G, student

“I really enjoyed deciding which choice was best when you gave us different scenarios.” ~ Thamar, student

“I like being in your class, because you don’t show favoritism like Ms J. down the hall.” ~ Tyrone P., student

“Thank you for what you did for me.” ~ T. Smith, student

“Thank you for all that you did. Now I understand some of your methods (classroom standards of orderliness and peacefulness) that you had us doing. At first I did not.” ~ Venus, student

“I will never forget you, love you like my mother, you are my second mother.” ~ Paris, student

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