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businesswoman-loresOur proprietary customer service training program applies principles taught by improvisation experts to leverage comedy to address your company’s specific consumer or client engagement challenges. The objective of our training program is to inspire employees to efficiently fulfill customers’ needs and quickly resolve any problems so that customers return—and recommend you without hesitation.

Our skits teach through real-life examples with a comedic twist, to make your corporate events and trainings memorable and fun. The branding/marketing concepts go off the rails to apply your “Yes, And” to some familiar PR and branding challenges.


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This Academy is the choice for turning your life completely around, Life Skills Coach, Anger issues or Crisis management. 

Family Life issue, Couples lack there of, Work relations,  Realistic Educator's Classroom Management Skills. Life is truly what we make it. And its about Love.

How to LOVE through adversities. And yes it is that same old "L" word its the oldest yet truest and only word that makes life happen for us all!

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